Graduate or Professional Student

We know one of the most important factors in choosing to continue your education is affordability. At UMKC, we offer a range of awards and academic appointments to UMKC graduate and professional students.

Graduate Students

Graduate students may hold one of four academic appointments: graduate instructor, graduate teaching assistant, graduate research assistant or graduate assistant.

Graduate Instructor

A graduate instructor (GI) is an advanced graduate student who holds a master’s degree or its equivalent and is completing the last requirements for a doctoral degree, typically the dissertation. The GI has full responsibility for the instructional duties assigned, and teaching assignments are those of a regular faculty instructor.

Graduate Teaching Assistant

A graduate teaching assistant (GTA) is a graduate student at any appropriate level appointed to instructional work supervised by a regular faculty member.

Graduate Research Assistant

A graduate research assistant (GRA) is a graduate student at any appropriate level appointed as an active participant in the research activity of an academic unit. Such research is normally related to the students’ academic program and may serve to fulfill thesis or other research requirements of their degree programs.

Graduate Assistants

A graduate assistant (GA) is a graduate student at any appropriate level appointed to a non-instructional or non-research role, but one that is associated with the educational process such as academic advising or assisting a student support unit. GA appointments may or may not necessitate use of knowledge or disciplinary skills acquired in their academic programs but should enhance their knowledge or develop skills for future use in their career and professional development. Examples of assistantship functions in this category include academic advising, support for functions of the Provost’s office, grading responsibilities not associated with additional instructional support and setting up laboratories. 

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Competitive Scholarships

Competitive scholarships are awarded based on criteria of each scholarship. Graduate students who complete the general competitive scholarship application will be considered for any awards with eligibility criteria that includes graduate students.

The application period for most competitive scholarships is October 1–March 1.

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Emergency Resources

In an emergency or crisis situation, UMKC aims to be a lifeline for its students in need. These resources can help students who have encountered unexpected financial obstacles to complete their academic requirements without major interruption.

  • UMKC Emergency Fund
  • Short-term emergency loans
  • Food and housing assistance
  • Help with financial literacy

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More Scholarship Opportunities

Some academic units and health sciences schools provide scholarships to their students

Awards from private sources such as banks, institutions and organizations

Awards for eligible residents of Missouri

Not a resident of Missouri?

Don't Forget to Fill Out the FAFSA

Many scholarships are based on financial need. File your FAFSA by the February 1 priority deadline.

UMKC FAFSA Code: 002518

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