Review our policies to better understand your rights and responsibilities as a financial aid recipient.


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Understanding Your Financial Aid

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Aid Adjustment

Return to Title IV policy

If you officially withdraw from all classes in a term or fail to complete at least one course within a semester, we are required to calculate the amount of financial aid you have earned as well as the amount of aid you did not earn.

Aid that was not earned must be returned to the appropriate federal financial aid program. As a result, you may still owe unpaid institutional charges to UMKC. Institutional charges that were previously paid by the federal funds may no longer be covered after the federal funds are returned. This includes any refund check you may have received as a result of federal funding.

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Additional Policies

UMKC Consumer Information

The University of Missouri-Kansas City is required by law to make available to enrolled students, prospective students and their parents, certain consumer information, which pertains to general institutional operation, financial aid, general completion and graduation rates, annual security report, completion and graduation rates for student-athletes and athletic program participation rates and financial support. 

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