Henry W. Bloch Scholars Program

The Bloch Scholars Program offers two unique scholarship opportunities, each with a focus on distinctive student populations. Due to the differences in each program, eligible students will only qualify for one of the two opportunities.

Bloch Scholars Programs

Henry W. Bloch Scholars Program (HWB)

Since 2000 the Henry W. Bloch Scholars/Promise and Opportunity Program has provided full tuition and fees for local students with a determination to succeed, regardless of their finances, test scores or life circumstances. It does not require a certain GPA, ACT score or class rank to apply.

Fall 2023 Cohort


    • Be an incoming student for Spring 2023, Summer 2023, or Fall 2023
    • Meet the requirements listed below
    • Apply by April 3, 2023

This award is available to all students entering a standard undergraduate program, not just those planning to enter the Bloch School. It's also not just for Missouri students — Kansas students from Johnson and Wyandotte Counties are eligible.

How much is the award?

  • Full tuition and fees, renewable for up to five years for first-time college students and up to three years for transfer students
  • A dedicated peer mentor through the UMKC Peer Academic Leadership Program (PAL)
  • Membership to a campus community of scholars with shared goals of college success

Recipients who receive the Henry W. Bloch Scholarship may not be eligible other UMKC scholarships.

What are the requirements?

  • Live in one of these five area counties — Clay, Jackson and Platte in Missouri, or Johnson and Wyandotte in Kansas
  • Demonstrate financial need (eligible or nearly eligible for the Federal Pell Grant Program)
  • Be unable to receive traditional scholarships due to past academic performance or life circumstances
  • Plan to enroll full-time in a standard undergraduate program
  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident

Students entering professional programs such as the six-year B.A./M.D. program are not eligible.

How to apply

    1. Sign in to Academic Works with your UMKC User ID
    2. Complete the General Scholarship Application
    3. After submitting the General Application, you will receive a confirmation email.
    4. Complete the Reference Application, which will include two letters of reference that will be used for this scholarship application.
    5. Review the list of Recommended Opportunities.
    6. Find "Henry W. Bloch Scholars" and click Apply.
      • Answer and submit the additional supplemental questions for the Henry W. Bloch Scholars Opportunity.
      • Provide a list of any other scholarship(s) that you are applying for separately from this application (example: Foundation Scholarship - $2,500).

Application will open on October 1st

Deadline to apply

April 3, 2023

Transfers From Penn Valley and Donnelly

Students that received the Henry W. Bloch Scholars Award while attending Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley or Donnelly College will automatically receive the Henry W. Bloch Scholars Award when they successfully transfer to UMKC.


If you have questions about the Henry W. Bloch Scholars Program, please email Bloch Scholars Program or call 816-235-8654.