Graduate Program SAP Requirements

To maintain SAP at UMKC as a graduate student, you must meet the components of the SAP policy.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

The grade point average (GPA) component requires that you maintain a minimum GPA to be considered meeting SAP standards. For Graduate and Ph.D. Students, your GPA is monitored by your program of study. Graduate students, regardless of classification, must maintain a 3.0 grade-point average (GPA) in all coursework taken for graduate credit at UMKC and must meet any additional academic requirements imposed by the school, department or program. 

Pace of Completion

The pace of completion requirement measures the pace at which you are progressing toward degree completion. The pace of completion is determined by taking the total number of credit hours successfully earned divided by the total number of credit hours attempted. In order to be considered meeting this standard, you must:

  • Maintain a minimum completion rate for attempted credit hours by successfully completing 66.67% of attempted credit hours for the current term. This means you must earn credit in at least 2/3rds of the courses you enroll in for the semester. 

**IMPORTANT: You are considered failing SAP if you complete 0% of attempted credit hours. This is an important consideration if you are planning to withdraw from all courses during a semester. If you totally withdraw from all courses, you will be considered failing SAP for that term and may become ineligible for aid. It is highly recommended that you discuss withdrawing or dropping courses with your financial aid coordinator

Maximum Timeframe

The maximum time frame component measures the total time it takes you to complete your degree program. Your total credit hours attempted cannot exceed 150% of the published length of your academic program. Students who exceed the maximum time frame are immediately ineligible for aid. To be meeting this standard, you must:

  • For Graduate and Ph.D. Students you must complete your degree program within 75 attempted credit hours
    • For most graduate Business programs, you must complete your degree in 96 attempted credit hours, however, the amount may be less depending on the program length
    • For most graduate Nursing programs, you must complete your degree in 97 attempted credit hours, however, the amount may be less depending on the program length

Financial aid eligibility immediately ceases once you have reached the maximum credit hour limit. As soon as you reach the maximum credit hour total, you will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension and become ineligible for aid. If you fail the Maximum Time Frame component, you will receive a separate email communication to your UMKC email address with specific steps on how to regain eligibility.

Students who fail due to this standard are eligible for a modified appeal process. If you are working on a subsequent degree at a prior level (e.g. second bachelor’s degree, second master’s degree, doctoral degree, etc.), you should provide the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office the following:

  • A statement explaining your circumstances (why you have exceeded 150% of the average length of a degree program)
  • Any documentation that may support your statement
  • Documentation from your academic advisor that indicates the number of credit hours you have earned that currently apply toward your degree, the number of credit hours required to complete the degree you are pursuing, and your expected graduation date.


Last Updated: 12/20/2021