Review Your To Do List Items

Follow these steps to review any additional items or documents that need submitted to the Financial Aid Office in order to process your aid.

How To Review Your To Do Items On Pathway

  1. Log in to Pathway using your username and passwordLearn how to use Pathway.
  2. You should default to the Student Center homepage
  3. Select the Notifications tile Notifications Tile
  4. The default view in the Notifications homepage is your To Do List
    To Do list
  5. Review each section to determine what documents are needed or what action is required
    For more details on an Outstanding Item, click on the linked description
    To Do Item Details

How to Submit Documents

  • Once you know what is needed, you can submit documents to the Financial Aid Office in multiple ways:
    • Secure Document Uploader
Review our Secure Document Uploader guide for more information
    • Mail
5100 Rockhill Road
101 Admin Center
Kansas City, MO 64110
    • Fax