Accept Aid

Pathway allows students instant access to critical financial aid information.  Log-on using your UMKC Username and password provided in your Admissions packet.

For detailed assistance accepting your awards, view our Accepting Your Aid Guide

Did you E-Consent?

First things first!  Make sure you E-Consent in order to access your student account and financial aid information online.

View your awards on Pathway

From the main menu, select:

Self Service  red arrow right  Campus Finances  red arrow right  Accept/Decline Awards  red arrow right  Aid Year


Review each of your awards

Select any award to view details about it.

Read the Important Message section

The Important Message section is located at the bottom of your award notice in red. Make sure you note the enrollment status your awards are based on in this section.  If the information is incorrect, please notify our office as your awards may need to be adjusted.

Read the Consumer Information

Select the link at the bottom of the page labeled “Consumer Information” to read this information.  These are your rights and responsibilities as a student.

Accept or Decline each type of aid

Mark the appropriate checkbox after each award to indicate whether you are accepting or declining the award.

Would you like to borrow less?

Check the “Accept” box and adjust the award amount.  The amount accepted will automatically be split between the fall and spring semesters.

Submit your award notice

Make sure to select the Submit button at the bottom of the page. This is required before your aid will be processed.

Next Steps

Outside Scholarships and Awards

If you anticipate receiving assistance from outside sources not listed in the notice above, such as private scholarships, Vocational Rehabilitation, or employee tuition reimbursement benefits, please notify our office as soon as possible. Additional outside awards may impact your eligibility for aid listed on this award notice.

Accept a Direct Loan or PLUS loan?

Complete entrance counseling and sign a master promissory note at

*Parents interested in the Direct Parent PLUS Loan must complete the online application at and sign a Parent PLUS Master Promissory Note. Learn more about the Parent PLUS loan on our Parents page.

Accept Work-study?

Be prepared to look for jobs.  An email will be sent to you before the semester starts with instructions for finding and starting a work-study position.  See the Work-Study page for more details.

*Didn’t receive a work-study award? Submit a request to be added to the wait list online through our wait list portal.

Check for Missing Information

After you complete the FAFSA, our office may be required to collect additional eligibility or verification documentation to verify the information listed on the FAFSA.  Check your Pathway To-Do List for information you need to turn in, or actions you need to take to finalize your financial aid:

Self Service  arrow to the right  Student Center  arrow to the right  To Do List


How your financial aid pays your bill

After you have accepted your aid and completed all necessary steps (i.e. MPN, Entrance Counseling, etc.) your aid is ready to disburse to the Cashiers and Collections Office.  The Financial Aid & Scholarships Office begins disbursing approximately one week before the beginning of each term.

Your aid will be applied to your bill to cover all institutional charges on your account at that time.

If there are excess funds, you will receive a refund.  The Cashiers and Collections Office has more information about the refund process.

Have some remaining costs? Here are some alternatives to consider or contact our office about additional resources. Use the Roo Career Network to search for part-time employment on or off campus. Consider setting up a payment plan with the Cashiers and Collection Office. If you’ve exhausted federal loan eligibility have you considered private loans? Review your budget and determine if you can reduce costs.