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Attendance Confirmation

Federal regulations require that students begin attendance or have participated in each of their classes in order to receive federal financial aid.  Students who fail to begin a course will be administratively dropped and may result in an adjustment to their financial aid.

UMKC confirms students began attendance through an Administrative Attendance Survey conducted through UMKC Connect. Course instructors are sent the survey for each class they instruct and indicate if a student began attendance in the course or if the student has never attended.

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What is considered attending/participating in a course?

A student is considered to have begun attendance or participated in a course if they have done one of the following:

  • Physically attended a class with direct interaction
  • Submitted an academic assignment
  • Taken an exam, interactive tutorial, or computer-based instruction
  • Attended a school-assigned study group
  • Participated in online discussion about academic matters
  • Initiated contact with a faculty member to ask about subject studied

Please note that logging into Blackboard or some other online system is NOT considered confirmation that a student began attendance in their course.

Additional Information on UMKC’s Administrative Drop Policy can be found in the UMKC Catalog.

FERPA Consent is Required

The Financial Aid and Scholarships office cannot release financial aid information to anyone unless we have written consent from the student to release information. This includes parents who are also university employees. Students can give consent to a third party, by following the instructions outlined in the Additional Authorized Access and Third Party FERPA Release Instructions. Students will need to provide the name and relationship of the person they wish to release information to along with basic contact information.

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The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), also known as the Buckley Amendment, is a compilation of federal regulations passed by Congress in 1974.  The purpose of FERPA is to provide rights to students and their families with regard to access and privacy of academic records.

FERPA guarantees students at the postsecondary level the right to inspect and view their academic records.  It also prohibits UMKC from releasing information from a student’s record to any third party unless the student authorizes the release.  However, the regulations which may be found in 34 CFR Part 99, outline several exceptions to the general rules stated above.  For details on the UMKC implementation of FERPA, please refer to the General Catalog appendix section Policy on Student Records.

All questions regarding student academic records should be directed to the UMKC Registrar’s Office. The Registrar’s Office manages official student records and serves as the initial contact on all FERPA issues.

Are You a Work-Study Supervisor?

We are here to help you be a successful supervisor to your work-study employees.

Read through our Frequently Asked Questions List to see if your question is available below.

How do I gain access to the Work-Study Management System to manage my work-study students?

Please send an email to the Work-Study Coordinator in the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office to set up a training (Mark Jeffries at jeffriesmar@umkc.edu).  Once you have completed the training you will receive approval to access the Work-Study Management System and start managing your department’s work-study students.

How do I change a current work-study employee’s pay rate?

To change a student’s pay rate supervisors must: 1) contact the Work-Study Coordinator by email stating the pay rate change amount. This pay rate change will be updated manually in the Work-Study Management System. 2) Submit an updated ePAF to you HR liaison to be formally updated with HR and the Payroll Office.

How do I revoke a student’s authorization in the Work-Study Management System so I can repost the position on Roo Career Network?

On the final day of the student’s employment with a department, the supervisor may submit an email request to the Work-Study Coordinator in the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office to revoke the student’s work-study authorization. The student must be revoked from their position before that job can be reposted in Handshake for another student to apply.

Reasons to revoke a student’s authorization:
  • The student no longer qualifies for the Federal Work-Study program
  • The student is being let go from a position
  • The student graduated in December and the department wants to reopen the allocation for a spring work-study student
Reasons the student may not be revoked from their work-study authorization:
  • They have utilized 65% or more of a full academic year work-study award (earned approximately $3000 of a $4600 work-study award). For more information on this policy please see Federal Work-Study Handbook.
Can I check to see where a student is at on the Federal Work-Study waitlist?

Yes. Log into the Work-Study Management System > Click on “Students” on the Dashboard bar > Click on “Check Work-Study Award” > Enter the 8-digit student ID number > Click “Check Award” > the student’s waitlist position number will display under “Wait-List Position.”

The student that worked for our department last academic year would like to return to our department, can we move them up the waitlist?

No. It is the student’s responsibility to request a place on the Federal Work-Study waitlist each academic year if they did not automatically receive an award. As of July 2020, the waitlist process has been simplified and moved to our online waitlist portal. You can direct students to https://net3.umkc.edu/finaid/wswaitlist to submit their request. Under no circumstances will a student be moved up the waitlist. Students who worked a work-study position previously are given priority but are still reviewed in the order in which their request was submitted.

Contact Mark Jeffries jeffriesmar@umkc.edu with questions.


Academic Unit Scholarship Database

If you are one of the staff members appointed to use the Academic Unit Scholarship Database on behalf of your Academic Unit, you can gain access to the site by contacting the Assistant Director of Scholarships. Our office receives Academic Unit scholarship awards through this database.

Scholarship Submission Deadlines for Academic Units and Departments

Scholarship Submission Deadlines for Academic Units and Departments:

June 15th – Fall semester deadline

November 1st – Spring semester deadline

May 1st – Summer semester deadline

Submit scholarship offers to the financial aid office by these deadlines to ensure that the award will be posted to a student’s award package prior to each term.

Writing Letters of Recommendation

UMKC’s Financial Aid and Scholarships Office hosts a competitive scholarship process every year. Many of you will have input in regards to which students receive scholarships by writing and submitting a letter of recommendation. We do not have a specific form you need to fill out, but we do ask that you submit your letter of recommendation following the directions the student receives from our office.


University Educational Assistance Program

Eligible employees, their spouses and dependents, and retirees may qualify for tuition assistance through the University of Missouri. The criteria for eligibility and benefit amount vary by classification.