There are many opportunities for scholarships at UMKC.  You may receive scholarships based on merit, academic achievement, financial need, or special abilities.

Incoming Freshman (First Time College)

First time college students are considered for automatic and competitive scholarships.

Admission Application Deadlines for Scholarships:

January 15 – Freshman Automatic Scholarship application deadline

Automatic Scholarships
Competitive Scholarships

Transfer Student Scholarships

Transfer students are considered for automatic and competitive scholarships.

Admission Application Deadlines for Scholarships:

February 15 – Transfer Automatic Scholarship application deadline (fall)

November 15 – Transfer Automatic Scholarship application deadline (spring)

Automatic Scholarships
Competitive Scholarships

Current UMKC Students

Complete the UMKC Currently-Enrolled Competitive Scholarship Application, on-line.

The application is open October 1 – March 1 for scholarships awarded for the following fall semester.  Our scholarship committee will match you to the scholarships for which you qualify.

Competitive Scholarships

Not a Missouri Resident?

There are many options for students who are not Missouri residents to receive scholarships and awards that reduce tuition and fees to resident amounts.  Some scholarships are awarded automatically based on the materials in your Admission Application, and some may require a separate application.

Nonresident Scholarships and Awards


Did you know that there are also discount programs available to help students with nonresidents costs?

Academic Unit Scholarships

These are scholarships awarded by the academic unit (school/program) to which you are admitted. A separate scholarship application may be required by the academic unit; check with your academic unit to find out more:

Additional UMKC and State Opportunities

State Scholarships

Outside Scholarship Information

Other Resources

Receiving an outside scholarship?

Please inform the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office of all scholarships and awards you receive from sources outside of UMKC.  The scholarships and awards will be added to your financial aid package and may impact certain UMKC scholarships, UMKC grants, and/or loans.  Email our office with the name and amount of your scholarship or award at

Avoid Scams

It might be a scam if:

  • You have to spend money to get money. Legitimate scholarship providers don’t charge application fees, “redemption” fees or up-front taxes; nor do they ask students to make investments.
  • They want bank account or credit card information. Trustworthy donors won’t ask for a credit card number to “hold” your award.
  • It’s guaranteed. No one can guarantee that you’ll receive a scholarship, and any promise of a money-back guarantee is a red flag.
  • You can’t find the information anywhere else. Scholarship agencies don’t keep information secret; they want to award scholarships. If a service promises to provide funds no one else knows about, be suspicious.
  • You win a contest you don’t remember entering. If you receive a message saying you’ve been selected for an award or you’re a finalist in a competition you’ve never heard of, it might be a scam.
  • It sounds too good to be true. Trust your instincts. If you’re suspicious about an offer, you probably have a good reason.