Frequently Asked Questions

FAFSA Information:

Do I need to file for financial aid every year?
What is an FSA ID and how do I obtain one?
What is the deadline to submit a FAFSA?
Why do I have to supply my parents' financial information and what do I do if they won’t give me their information?
Who's my parent when I complete the FAFSA?

Verification Process:

Why did I get selected for verification?
Where can I find my Verification Form?
Why do you need my tax return transcript?

Award Information:

How do I complete Entrance Counseling and/or a Master Promissory Note?
My enrollment is changing, will my financial aid be impacted?
What is the difference between a Subsidized loan and an Unsubsidized loan?
I declined my award. How do I get my financial aid reinstated?
Do I have to be full-time to receive financial aid?
Is financial aid available for the summer semester? If so, how do I apply?
Are international students eligible to receive financial aid?
I'm taking classes at another institution, can I receive financial aid for those credits?

General Questions:

When is financial aid disbursed?
How and when can I get my books?

Work-Study Information:

How do I apply for a Federal Work-Study award?
What is Federal Work-Study and how does it work?
Does my Federal Work-Study paycheck go directly to my UMKC bill?
What if I do not earn the full amount of my Federal Work-Study award?
If I fail Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) do I still qualify for Federal Work-Study?

Parent Information:

How can I give my parents permission to speak with you?